It’s Nearly Time….

Four days to go before I head off across the Hills on the start of my 150 mile walk, so its just as well that I managed to complete a full 12 mile walk on Sunday.  Weather was not as nice as promised, so didn’t really need the sunhat but all good, just a bit of mizzle at the end.  Headed out up past the Gullet Quarry, then up onto Swinyard and on along the Hills til about Jubilee where I stopped for my first 2 hourly break.  Sat down and enjoyed the quality of the peace and stillness, looking out across the view. Then headed down to Gardiners Quarry and the Kettle Sings. Shortly afterwards got kind of lost, although knew what direction I was heading in.  Found myself on a path which took me very close to the gardens of Perrycroft and then down via a small wood with a stream running through it before I was back on course at Evendine.  Heading up towards the main road and British Camp I approached a stile from one direction as a group of young lads with HUGE rucksacks approached from the opposite direction.  Felt very sorry for them.  Kept going along the back route at the bottom of the Hills, all the way to Hollybush and then home via the Millpond in Golden Valley.  Didn’t feel too bad, although did plunge feet into iced water when I got home.  Many thanks to the lovely Michaela from Balanced Massage who has come round to give me a couple of sports massages in the lead up to the walk – they seem to have helped a lot.

I’ve got a really busy few days coming up, so am actually looking forward to the simplicity of leaving All Saints Hollybush at 9am on Monday 1st July and then just keeping on walking (hopefully!).  The amazing total raised so far via online and offline donations is £2,285 which is overwhelming and I’m so grateful to everyone who has given money.  Watch this space for daily updates on how I get on!




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