Day 14 – What a blast its been!

Well, that’s it folks – the walk is done.  Fourteen days and 163 miles later and I ended the day back at All Saints, Hollybush.  But let’s start at the beginning of the day, a very good place to start.  Our lovely friend and neighbour Julian – he of the heroic and epic Day 2 – picked us up at 8ish and we then went to Crows Nest, via Berrow to pick up Ruth, and onto the Moody Cow for the start of day photo;

The three amigos ride again!

And yes, you’re right, Ruth and I were joined by routemaster Mike making a special guest appearance by popular request…..He led us off down the road, and we began the day with a gentle bit of road walking which took us past Upton Bishop Church, with its magnificent lych gate;

Upton Bishop Lych Gate

and a very informative churchyard noticeboard;

Churchyard noticeboard

On down the road and then we turned off into woodland – Linton wood, then Queens wood – so it was all nice, level walking with lovely wide walkable tracks like this;

Woodland walking

I’m not saying it was irritating that Mike had joined me on the one day when the walking was comparatively easy – but it was, a bit…..Anyhow it was while we were walking in the woods that I clocked up the final 3 miles I needed to reach 150 resulting in this photo of joy;

Hoorah! 150 miles!

We spotted benches and seized the opportunity to take our first break.  After a brief spot of road walking we went through Oxenhall wood, and then crossed the M50 for the first of four times – this time by bridge.  Once on the other side, I saw a signpost which reminded me of Mike’s Dad;

Heading in the right direction

And also told us we were on the right road for Dymock, the end of this part of the walk.  We crossed under the M50 this time, and headed across fields and alongside a small part of the old Hereford/Gloucester canal before arriving at the Beauchamp Arms, Dymock;

Beauchamp Arms, a lovely pub.

After enjoying a refreshing lemonade and lime and a packet of crisps in their fab beer garden, it was still only 12.30pm so we decided to push onto Bromsberrow and see how we felt when we got there.  We headed off down the road and then embarked upon the adventure of the Poet’s Paths which did have shades of the Three Choirs Way to them, but not as bad.  By now we were getting views of the Malverns getting ever closer;

Getting closer…..

Having gone under the motorway once more, then walked alongside it for a while, we emerged once more onto a long stretch of road walking via Ryton and Bromsberrow Heath, which provided lovely views back the way we’d come;

We’ve come a long way….

Finally, we passed Bromsberrow Sand and Gravel and then crossed the motorway one last time via a bridge, came to the main Ledbury road and crossed that to arrive, via footpath at Bromsberrow Church;

Bromsberrow Church

Rested and refreshed, we decided to go for it and to try to complete the rest of the walk, as it was still only 2.30pm and the forecast for the next day was not good.  So we headed across fields to the road, up past Bromsberrow school and war memorial and then turned up towards Chase End.  Took a shortcut across a massive field and then headed up, up, up to the trig point on top of Chase End with its wonderful views;

Chase End View

From there it was down into White Leaved Oak, round the lower part of Raggedstone Hill – sorry Mike – and cutting across a field to get to the road, then Hollybush Rooms and then on down to the church, picking up Shirley along the way;

And then there were 4

And suddenly we were back at the Church and it was all done.  We were greeted by a fantastic welcoming committee with flags and hooters and a much appreciated bottle of fizz. 

The End!

Particular credit to Ruth who came along for a 6 mile walk and ended up doing 14 but was unfailingly cheerful and encouraging.  And immense thanks to Mike who planned and supported the whole mad enterprise.  And many, many thanks to all of you who have supported me with prayers, emails, comments and donations – all very much appreciated.  The total raised at the moment stands at a phenomenal £4,210 with some donations still to come – your generosity is amazing.

As for me, I think it will take me a while to assimilate it all.  Might try and do a postscript after a few days, so keep watching this space!










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  1. Well, I’m feeling slightly cheated that there won’t be a post tomorrow but many congratulations on an amazing achievement. Hope you’re visiting later in the year so we can relive it in person! And yes, Mike had it easy…… Sx

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