Day 10 – Sun’s shining again!

Got ourselves up and out on a lovely sunny morning to return to our scenic layby in Pandy for the start of day photo;

Last walk of the week!

Set out across the main road, but then quickly climbed across fields, leaving a lovely view back the way I’d come;

Gorgeous Monmouthshire countryside

As I continued to climb, I was reminded that I was back in the world of field edges and cows….Luckily these cows were far more interested in breakfast than in me!

Cows, peacefully grazing….

Emerged onto road for a short while then it was back to walking across fields and meadowland, enjoying watching the butterflies flitting by in the sunshine.  Eventually emerged onto the road heading for my first Church of the day – St Cadoc’s in Llangattock Lingoed.  The Offa’s Dyke path which I was still, thankfully, following actually runs right through the churchyard, so the decision to take my break here was made for me.  The Church looked simple from the outside;

St Cadoc’s, Llangattock Lingoed

but the inside was a total wow.

St Cadoc’s, interior

Wall paintings, medieval stained glass fragments and a bressumer beam, St Cadoc’s had it all;

Wall painting of St George and the Dragon, revealed during recent restoration work
Medieval stained glass fragments
Part of the intricately carved bressumer beam, which would have been part of a rood screen.

Its a Grade 1 listed church and, reading the excellent guide book, I learned that the Nave roof had been on the point of collapse in 2002 and that the PCC, supported by grants and the local community, had raised funding to restore the Church to the fantastic building it is today.  Many congratulations to them all.  So impressed I bought the guide book!

Left St Cadoc’s and continued downhill for a change, crossed a stream and then did a fair bit of road walking, til the path took me back to the fields again.  Managed to navigate myself along to my next major landmark – White Castle – which is huge!

White Castle

Even managed to make it across a couple of narrow but spectacularly spongy bridges….

Once past White Castle, it was just a long farm track and then some final fields to cross.  As is so often the way, tangling with fields and crops caused a few issues – though must say Monmouthshire farmers so far have left wonderful margins, or even clear paths through crops for walkers.  Could see the Church spire but was still a little bit of road walking to do before I made it, very happy to see the trusty Skoda parked up in a very splendid church car park.  St Teilo’s is massive as the end of walk photo for day 10 shows;

End of day 10 – small walker, big church!

The interior was cathedral like!

St Teilo’s interior

and had fab 1960s psychedelic stained glass;

St Teilo’s stained glass

set above a simple, traditional altar;

St Teilo’s altar

Two amazing and contrasting churches visited, a lovely walk on a hot, sunny day – a good end to week 2 which had begun so badly!  And now I’m up to 110 miles walked, so well ahead of schedule and feet and legs still holding up well.  Bring on week 3!










2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Sun’s shining again!”

  1. We have so enjoyed following your journey and you have given us many ideas of places to visit.
    Congratulations on completing week two!

  2. So wonderful to walk it with you – in print! What spectacular views and such an adventure you are having. Well done. Gill

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