DateStartEndEstimated distanceActual distance walked
1 JulyAll Saints HollybushSite of the former New Inn, Storridge9.310.8
2 JulySite of the former New Inn, StorridgeTIC, Bromyard11.811.8*
3 JulyTIC, BromyardSt Peter's Church, Pudleston8.89.6
4 JulySt Peter's Church, PudlestonAll Saints, Monkland9.910.5
5 JulyAll Saints, MonklandWoonton9.810.9
8 JulyWoontonMuseum, Kington10.112.3
9 JulyMuseum, KingtonHay on Wye (Craft Centre)12.416.3
10 JulyHay on Wye (Craft Centre)Church of St Mary the Virgin, Capel-y-ffin11.18.5
11 JulyChurch of St Mary the Virgin, Capel-y-ffinLancaster Arms Guest House, Pandy10.111.0
12 JulyLancaster Arms Guest House, PandySt Teilos Church, Llantilio Crosseny7.48.3
15 JulySt Teilos Church, Llantilio CrossenySt Peter's Church, Dixton, Monmouth11.211.0
16 JulySt Peter's Church, Dixton, MonmouthBishopswood Village Hall12.413.5
17 JulyBishopswood Village HallThe Moody Cow, Upton Bishop11.213.5
18 July (am)The Moody Cow, Upton BishopBeauchamps Arms Inn, Dymock6.87.3
18 July (pm)Beauchamps Arms Inn, DymockAll Saints Hollybush7.77.7

Actual distances are updated daily based on the mileage recorded on Anthea’s phone using the ViewRanger app.

*Day 2 is a best guess – the battery was running out so the phone was switched off for a short time.