Eastnor Adventure

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because it’s been a while since I did a training walk – Flower Festivals and other such things have intervened.  I have, however, acquire a brand new pair of Mendel boots which I’ve slowly been breaking in and last Sunday was their first big walk.  In fact it was my longest training walk yet, coming in at 11.8 miles.  I left home with a rucksack packed as it would be on day one of the walk – waterproof, camelback, camera, notebook and food.  Waterproof was deployed within the first half hour as the clouds gathered and it was as I scaled Ragged Stone that the storm broke;

Happily it didn’t last long and it stayed dry though cloudy for the rest of the walk.  I headed up and over Chase End and down into Bromsberrow, and then taking a new path heading for Clencher’s Mill via the outskirts of a very impressive field of wheat;

Resisted the temptation to do a Theresa and run through it.  Crossed the ford, and walked along the road into Eastnor.  Through the village, across the road to the Deer Park, up to the Obelisk and then home via the Gullet Quarry.  Got very tired as I started up to the Obelisk so had  a brief stop to refuel and think I should do that more regularly on the real thing.

So, on the plus side I’ve now walked nearly as far as I’ll have to walk on any one day and survived, and my new boots are well and truly broken in and were very comfy.  On the minus side, if doing this distance took this much out of me, am I going to be able to cope with walking this sort of distance every day for 5 days at a time?  Only time will tell – watch this space….



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