Day 6 – Fell into a Ditch……

This week was always going to be the tough week – but today was meant to be a gentle re-entry into the wonderful world of walking.  Didn’t quite work out that way!  Started off well enough.  The weather was cooler, but still nice and dry.  I found my way back to wonderful Woonton without any problem,

Start of day photo, little did she know what lay ahead!

and picked up the path straightaway, passing the Friends Meeting House and heading across a hay field populated by rabbits!  In Logaston passed a house which showed the miles from there to Rome and to Santiago de Compostella – and thought of Nick and Phil, currently walking the way of St James!  Diverted from my set path to a more direct and easier looking route, which led me to a field margin with no apparent exit!  In the nick of time, a bridge appeared – attributed to the Vaughan Way – who knew? and suddenly I was back on track.  Arrived in Almley in good time and paused a moment to admire their war memorial;

War memorial, Almley

and to marvel at the fact that they still have a bus service……..Long stretch of road walking brought me to the outskirts of Eardisley, where I managed to find the next footpath to take.  Took my first break of the day sat in a field, enjoying the sunshine.

Then headed up into Holywell Dingle, which was beautiful and cool woodland.  Did have to duck under a couple of large fallen tree trunks – and over a couple of smaller ones – and the path did come and go but made it out by LeMore Manor safe and sound -the worst was yet to come!

Headed along a busy bit of main road, then down a side road and picked up the path again without a problem.  Crossed a couple of stiles into fields and then into more woodland – which is where my problems began!!!  Kept going to the very end of the woodland, but once out the other end it became clear that I had gone very wrong and was well off the path.  Re-traced my steps back to the stile I’d come in by and resorted to reading the written instructions.  These said I needed to go through a gate in the woodland and across a covered bridge.  All that was left of the gate was a gate post, the bridge had been demolished by a fallen tree.  I could just see the stile and way mark into the field and was able to cross the stream without aid of bridge.  It was here that my troubles really began.  The stile was barricaded with nettles, thistles and ferns.  Once I’d made it through, the margin was unwalkable, and walking through the crop I was hampered by that sticky weed, cleavers, which grabbed at my legs.  Fell about 3 times, made it to the next stile, even more congested, in fact so congested you couldn’t see the bridge over the ditch leading to the stile til you’d fallen into it – at least I couldn’t!!!!  I won’t bore you with the other fields, the nettles, the thistles, the cleavers and the impassable field margins – except to say that I came close to suffering a serious sense of humour failure!!  However, all things pass, and, having no alternative route I kept on going and finally emerged into a farm lane.

Crossed over, following the path, but soon off track again.  However, by the time a kindly farmer stopped and got off his tractor to help me out I was back on track.  There was one more crop field to wade through, but then it was back to blissful grass, and eventually meadow land with a couple of donkeys.  Last leg as along a country lane – no trip hazards there – and finally I made it to Kington.  Battered, bruised – but still going!

Kington – at last!








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